A Most Honorable, Honest, and Forthright Man Unknown to Many

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One of the last honest and forthright men I personally know on this planet is architect Richard Gage, the forceful and persistent impetus behind, and the voice of reason for, the organization known as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, represented on the Internet as AE911truth.org. This coalition of over two-thousand professional architects, engineers, physicists, and other physical scientists, renown in theirs fields of scientific endeavor, was originally conceived and organized in 2006 mainly through the efforts of Gage. I came to know him in 2007 and began to support the efforts of the organization through my Internet articles and commentary, which have mainly appeared on the website EzineArtices.com. Having never met Gage, I have, however, spoken to him several times by telephone and developed during those moments an appreciation for his conscientious endeavors to state the scientific facts about what really happened on September 11, 2001, a day that will truly live in infamy. His paraphrased personal statements, which he has made public, reveal the astute scientific mind of a human being who, along with many other astute Americans, realized on the morning and afternoon of 9/11 that the federal government’s, and the media’s, explanations for the total and complete collapse of the WTC Twin Towers and of WTC Building 7, the Solomon Building, were totally false and deliberately made to deceive the American public into believing something totally untrue; that fires created by hijacked commercial jet aircraft allegedly flown into the Twin Towers at different times were responsible for the complete and total collapse of both super-structures in a manner identical to remote demolition.

As a veteran architect familiar with the WTC Building designs, Richard Gage had realized on that September morning as he had watched on television the awful events happen that those two super-structure WTC Towers, 1 and 2, had been designed and built to withstand total collapse caused by a large colliding jet aircraft, and that the aluminum fuselages and engines of those two jet aircraft were mere putty in the grasp of those thick steel girded buildings, and that the Towers completely destroyed the aircraft instead of the exact opposite happening. To the many American people without scientific understanding, who saw on television those two jets crash into the Twin Towers, their proper perception of what actually happened was dramatically skewed by the collective voices of the television media pundits following the government script vehemently exclaiming, “those jet airplanes have caused those Towers to collapse!” The duping of most American minds on that fateful day had been carefully plotted and planned several years earlier, and executed with strategic conspiratorial precision. What actually happened during the subsequent bombing of the Pentagon was also extremely skewed in the minds of the American public by a planned federal orchestration of something very different from the federal version of a hijacked Boeing 767 airliner filled with passengers flown into the Pentagon wall by a Muslim hijacker who, according to a certified flight instructor, couldn’t even properly fly a small Cessna aircraft.

The American public remains an extremely diverse and heterogeneous amalgamation of people in terms of literacy, competency to understand current events, and general education. Compared to the population of the fledgling American republic in 1788 (1.5 million new Americans), which had an electorate literacy rate of 90 percent without the benefit of a public education system, the current American electorate literacy rate is staggeringly less than 85 percent. Richard Gage understood the social and political forces that were working against him as he tried diligently to create an Internet means for educating that 40 percent of the electorate, the adults who are working daily on an eighth-to-ninth grade level of reading comprehension competency, about the real scientific facts underscoring the happenings of 9/11. For who among the adults of the 325 million U.S. population would want to believe and admit that their federal government intentionally and deliberately conspired to murder over 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 in order get the Patriot Act (actually written secretly in 1993) passed by Congress and signed by the U.S. President, and a state of war declared against two foreign nation-states, Afghanistan and Iraq, in the name of an elusive fictional adversary, Islamic terror? It’s like trying to convince the family of a man, a husband and a father of four children, that he is a mass murderer. That is a very difficult thing to do unless there are forensic facts to back-up the allegations.

Yet, Gage came to realize that the proverbial smoking-gun of federal duplicity was not what most of the American people had seen, and heard, on television on 9/11, but, rather, what they hadn’t seen, or known about, which happened at around 5:15 on the afternoon of 9/11, when the 47-story Solomon Building, WTC Building 7, collapsed totally and completely into its tracks in a manner identical to remote demolition, just like what had happened to the Twin Towers only hours earlier; but Building 7 had not been affected to any extent by the collapse of the Twin Towers. Amazingly, almost 95 percent of the American electorate had not realized that WTC Building 7 was the third massive building to collapse on 9/11 until Gage and his organization had publicized that relevantly salient fact on the Internet and until prolific writers such as Dr. David R. Griffin had written about it in a series of his books about 9/11. Of course, the federal government had hoped that the collapse of Building 7 would have gone relatively unnoticed; but, truly, when a massive 47-story high-rise building collapsed in downtown New York City for no apparent reason in a manner identical to controlled demolition, questions were surely asked by the public that the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), the federal agency assigned as the apologist for the collapse of Building 7, was unable answer with candor and veracity.

Richard Gage discovered that the issues the federal government’s 9/11 Commission had addressed and answered falsely in their tome “The Report of the 9/11 Commission” about the crashes of the jet aircraft into the WTC Twin Towers, their subsequent collapse, and the Pentagon bombing were 100 percent more than those they had addressed and answered correctly. In other words, the production of the 9/11 Commission was a veritable hoax. The collapse of WTC Building 7 wasn’t even mentioned within the report’s pages, as though the Commission was deliberately attempting to create the perception that it wasn’t in any way connected to the destruction of the Twin Towers.

After 2006, Gage and his AE911Truth associates, as a well-organized team, continued to press the federal government for an explanation of the collapse of WTC Building 7 until the powers-that-be in DC ordered NIST to produce some “plausible” reason to supposedly eliminate the ensuing controversy. So, suddenly the headlines appeared in mainstream newspapers, on television, and the Internet that two controlled fires on two floors of the 47-story building had caused the entire structure to collapse in a manner identical to controlled demolition. No explanation was provided, however, by NIST to explain the residue presence of nano-thermite in the air around the collapsed building, the same military-grade explosive that was found in abundance lingering for several days in the massive amount of debris and dust in the air as far as ten-blocks away from the collapsed remains of the WTC Twin Towers, called Ground-Zero. NIST was also silent about the reason for the mandated evacuation of Building 7 an hour before men with hard-hats were shooing people away from the perimeter of the building on the afternoon of 9/11, saying that the building was going to be “pulled,” a word used to mean “remotely detonated.” The most telling statement from NIST after its official flat denial that “explosives” had been used to bring-down the massive Solomon Building was that “an inspection for the remains of explosives” had not been made in the building’s collapsed debris by NIST scientists.” Several physicists and engineers had independently done extensive testing for explosive residue in the remains of Building 7 and had discovered great amounts of nano-thermite residue in the debris and dust circulating around those remains. Samples of those remains had come into the hands of AE911Truth in 2006 and other more delicate testing had been done by the organization’s scientists to confirm the original findings. Having realized that they, the NIST spokespeople, had been sorely exposed by the work of AE911Truth, NIST and the federal apologists suddenly became very silent about the conclusive findings published by Gage and2 his associates on the Internet.

Several prominent physicists associated with the original 9/11Truth movement, which was formally initiated in 2002, endeavored to expound the scientific findings on television through interviews they had with such media pundits as Bill O’Reilly. Such statements by highly respected physical scientists contradicting the official government version of 9/11 began in 2002, when these numerous professional men and women of science responded to the government’s version of 9/11 with deriding disbelief and utter skepticism. Though I have been conservatively minded most of my life and had some respect for O’Reilly as a voice of conservatism, I was appalled and lost all respect for him when I saw and heard on television the rude and impudent man blindly defending the neoconservative 9/11 position of the federal government by demeaning and ridiculing professional physicists who were trying to explain in simple scientific terms why a great deal of nano-thermite residue was found at, and around, the WTC ground-zero. Bombastic O’Reilly wouldn’t let them get a word in edge-wise as the scientists he interviewed attempted to explain the infamous “secondary explosions (an integral part of controlled demolition)” heard by over 50 firemen and other first-responders before the collapses of the WTC Twin Towers. They also tried to explain the great pools of molten steel discovered by first-responders beneath collapsed girders, beams, and assorted debris of the collapsed towers, but O’Reilly and company didn’t give them an opportunity.

One particularly astute physicist later went on record to assert that “the laws of physics were politically suspended and revoked on 9/11″ if the government version of 9/11 is true.” This was Dr. Stephen E. Jones, a BYU professor of physics. Dr. Jones was so impassioned and provoked by what he saw and heard on television on 9/11 that he immediately left his job in Provo, Utah and traveled to NYC, where he conducted his own experiments confirming conclusively that a great residue of nano-thermite was present in the dust and debris emanating from the collapsed towers. Because Dr. Jones later went on record to claim that the jet aircraft fires in the WTC Twin Towers were not what caused them to collapse, but, rather, controlled demolition using nano-thermite explosive, he lost his professorial physics position at Brigham Young University. In 2006, Dr. Jones was first introduced to Richard Gage and AE911Truth and became one of the organization’s supporting members. It seems that every professional physical scientist, engineer, and architect who meets and associates with Richard becomes enthralled with his candor and veracity, and an instant subscriber to the AE911Truth agenda.

What happened on that awful day, September 11, 2001, boils-down to a very simple conclusion as a matter of relevant material and scientific facts. You see, physical science is a collection of noble universal truths that can’t be altered in any way by political conjecture, conspiracy, or delusion. Just like forensics and DNA have turned crime-solving from a process of mere deduction and elimination to a hard-and-fast science, both physical and biochemical, every aspect of what really occurred on 9/11 may be explained scientifically. If the collision of those jet aircraft into the WTC Twin Towers, and their ensuing fires, burning at just under 800 degrees, could “not” have scientifically caused the super-steel WTC Twin Towers to collapse, and if loud secondary explosions were clearly heard emanating from Towers 1 and 2 before their collapse, and if great pools of molten steel were found beneath the rubble of the collapsed towers, it is scientifically obvious that something, besides kerosene jet fuel, with the chemical capacity of creating temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, was used as an explosive to cause those huge steel-lattice beams and girders, designed and engineered to withstand the direct impact of a Boeing 747, to melt and collapse. And since an abundant residue of nano-thermite was found in the dust and debris at, and around, the area within ten blocks of ground-zero, a scientific forensic conclusion can be drawn that the Twin Towers were made to collapse through the contrived use of the military-grade nano-thermite planted in the two Towers over a period-of-time.

Furthermore, by simple deduction, if the WTC Twin Towers were made to collapse through a federally contrived controlled demolition, killing over 3,000 human beings, then the Pentagon bombing was also contrived by those same conspirators. For, surely, ten tons of steel-titanium jet engine components of a Boeing 767 commercial airliner cannot be vaporized in a crash of the huge jet, traveling at 450 mph into that Pentagon wall. Most assuredly, a great deal of jet aircraft wreckage would be left in the wake such a crash; but no such crash remains were found on the undisturbed Pentagon lawns bordering the bombed wall. In fact, the first CNN news crew that reported from the Pentagon site broadcasted the news that “it appears that a Boeing 767 did not crash into the Pentagon wall as reported, because, as you can now see, there are no aircraft remains here at the Pentagon.” That report lasted all of 48 seconds before it was suddenly cut by the network and
never again replayed. I wonder why? Perhaps the federal conspirators hadn’t planned this unexpected exposure. Great appreciation is certainly in order for the audio/video DVRs in the homes of average Americans who recorded the startling 48 second CNN broadcast, and for those concerned and alarmed Americans who preserved those broadcasted facts by loading that video segment into YouTube format on the Internet. I have elaborated on the real scientific facts surrounding the 9/11 Pentagon bombing in the Ezine Article entitled “The Burlingame End-Game Murders.”

In the mathematical science of physics, algorithms have been created by physicists and mathematicians to explain what did and did not occur on 9/11 according to existing scientific fact, and one can say with total assurance, after examining the results of those algorithms, that it was impossible for the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 to have collapsed by any other means than controlled demolition. I don’t know if it is exactly true, but I’ve been told by others closely associated with Richard Gage and AE911Truth that Gage and others closely associated with AE911Truth have received death threats anonymously by telephone and in letters written anonymously, warning them to stop their 9/11 investigations; but the old expression, “the truth will prevail” is one of the truisms of forensic mathematics, and Richard, like a tenacious and bodacious bulldog will keep on pursuing the truth despite the risks. That was why the 9/11 crime scene was so deliberately tainted by the federal government in the weeks following the debacle by the removal of all of the primary evidentiary remains from the collapsed Twin Towers. Instead of allowing the NYPD and New York State crime scene investigators to do their jobs of determining scientifically how and why the Twin Towers collapsed, the feds swarmed over the crime scene closing it off to city and state investigators. Then many lies were told to the American public, via the media, by federal spokespeople denying the sworn statements of the first-responders about the secondary explosions they heard, the deep pools of molten steel they encountered, and the other evidences of controlled demolition. Much of this vital information has since been carefully accumulated, correlated, and filed on the AE911Truth website for public perusal, and nearly all of the curious people around the USA who visit that website come away convinced that 9/11 was a complex federal conspiracy. All it takes, as Richard Gage has repeatedly said, is a willingness to look at the prevailing scientific and forensic facts and the common sense to accept the conclusive findings.

What does Richard Gage and his associates hope to accomplish through the investigatory efforts of AE911Truth? They are faithfully hoping that the States will soon collectively initiate their own criminal murder investigation into 9/11 and the murders of over 3,000 innocent human beings, much like a constitutional convention of the States is allowed and sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution to propose and submit new constitutional amendments to the States for ratification. Seeking another federal investigation of 9/11, tantamount to the austere mockery of justice that occurred with the politically orchestrated 9/11 Commission, would be like an investigation of who ate cock-robin in the henhouse conducted by a tribunal of hungry guilty federal foxes. Instead of politicians running the show during such an investigation, chief law enforcement officers such the Texas Rangers and other imminent State criminal investigators should be in charge of determining the suspects and the relevant and material evidence, and which of it should be presented to a grand jury, presided over by a selected State supreme court chief justice, for indictment, trial, and sentencing of those federal officers who were involved in the 9/11 conspiracy. Oh, there would be an assortment of federal hurtles and impediments to the formation and operation of such an State investigation, perhaps even a federal court denial of such a State action; but, according to the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the States have much more power than the federal government, and it is about time that they, again, assert that constitutional power in order to the set the record straight and convict and punish the guilty.


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